Argile bienfaits

Everywhere there is a deficiency, clay fills the deficiency...


The properties of clay

Clay is alive! It acts on the sick hearth until it gets rid of the undesirable elements (toxin, pus, gas...).

Its two main properties are absorption and adsorption.

It is this power absorbent which retains all kinds of liquids (especially sebum) 

It also absorbs bad odors.

Tip and Trick: You can place a cup of green agile in your refrigerator to prevent bad odors!

The power adsorbant neutralizes and fixes toxins and unwanted elements.

Interesting power at the therapeutic level!

In addition to these two magnificent virtues, it also has a power anti-bacterial that is to say, it prevents bacterial and microbial proliferation et al covering power which acts as a bandage (e.g. gastric bandage).

Did you know that clay emits radioactive radiation but don't panic! There is nothing to worry about because on the contrary, the clay seems to absorb harmful radiation.

Interesting, isn't it?! , we are so flooded with electromagnetic radiation (laptop...), that clay could play a protective role.

The qualities of a good clay

A good clay must be 100% pure  to preserve its mineral properties since all its benefits come from the rock.

What clays?

Montmorillonite green clay which can be white and even blue. It contains silica, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus etc…

It is detoxifying, remineralizing and absorbing.

It is used for remineralize, drain and externally in a thick poultice or internally under clay water to drink.

White clay or Kaolinite It is perfect for making masks! It restores radiance to the skin and is soothing. Perhaps less drying than green clay which is recommended for oilier skin.

Its strong covering powers, anti-inflammatories and healing also make a good gastric and intestinal dressing.

It resolves fermentations and absorbs toxins which is not bad when you are prone to bloating and food poisoning.

For internal use:

So, if you want to purify yourself, drain your body, eliminate gas and fermentation, bloating or fill in various deficiencies, purify your blood, cure skin problems, do clay water cures internally.

It will not only treat the direct problem but will act on the affected organs, according to your needs!

Preparation of clay milk

  • Put in a glass 1 to 2 teaspoons of powdered superfine clay (white or green)
  • Add purified water (not tap water!)
  • Mix well with a wooden spoon (not metal)
  • Leave for a few hours or overnight
  • In the morning when you wake up, drink the clay water and leave the deposit formed at the bottom of the glass or stir it all up and swallow it all if you are used to it.

You can fear possible constipation if you have a lot of waste that cannot be evacuated by the emunctories.

I recommend white clay, kaolinite (softer) if you are prone to constipation.

Do not take clay internally if there is suspicion of bowel obstruction or hernia; or if taking paraffin oil during the cure or before the cure (at least 15 days)

Possibility of interaction with taking allopathic or homeopathic medication

For external use:

It can be used as a poultice or as a mask.

Poultice preparation (pain, healing aid, insect bite, burn, etc.)

  • Take a glass container and pour your clay powder, crushed
  • Pour in spring water
  • Mix with a wooden spatula
  • Leave to rest without stirring
  • Use a cloth preferably in cotton (natural fabric)
  • Place the clay paste (quite thick but not too thick) on your strip of fabric which will cover the surface of the skin
  • Hold it in place and leave for a few hours or even overnight.
  • Clean with spring water.

Beauty recipe: Mask for oily skin

  1. Put 2 heaped tablespoons of green clay
  2. Add rose hydrosol
  3. 2 vegetable drops of jojoba oil
  4. Until you get a dough (neither too smooth nor too thick)
  5. Add a drop of tea tree essential oil

Beauty recipe: Mask for mature skin

  1. Put 2 tbsp of white clay
  2. Add rose hydrosol
  3. 2 drops of cistus essential oil